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Case Studies for StapleWare®

Case Studies for StapleWare®

The StapleWare® Modules enhance the functionality of DocuWare Integrated Document Management.

Stapler allows documents in a file cabinet to be stapled or clipped together based on any field
Process Server allows filed documents to be exported from the DocuWare file cabinets
Deficiency Manager allows users to view documents that exist in DocuWare file cabinets, together with a list of required documents that are missing 

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Spokane Produce StapleWare® Stapler Case Study

With the DocuWare Integrated Document Management and the StapleWare® Stapler the customer service staff at Spokane Produce can quickly find delivery documents by Delivery Number, Customer Name, Customer Number, Delivery Date, Truck Number, etc. and the documents can be emailed  to the customers who request documentation when customers call in for help. All documents are filed electronically eliminating the space required for file cabinets. DocuWare has also eliminated the time required by the customer service representatives to look for documents that had been misfiled.

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Barnes-Jewish Hospital StapleWare® Deficiency Manager Case Study

Barnes-Jewish Hospital and our physician partners at Washington University School of Medicine are once again listed among the nation’s elite medical centers in U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of “Best Hospitals,” and are again ranked No. 1 in both the St. Louis metro area and Missouri.

For the 21st straight year, Barnes-Jewish earned honors as part of the newsmagazine’s “Honor Roll,” ranking 15th nationally while ranking in 15 individual specialties. Overall, Barnes-Jewish is one of only 18 hospitals out of the nearly 5,000 evaluated by U.S. News to earn a spot on the “Honor Roll.”

Fewer than 150 of the almost 5,000 hospitals performed well enough to rank in even one of 16 specialties such as cancer and urology. Barnes-Jewish was ranked in 15 of the 16 specialties.

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HealthShare Integration to DocuWare with the StapleWare® Process Server

Despite the widespread adoption of electronic health records, physicians are still faxing orders to lab, radiology, and other patient-facing hospital departments. In some cases, they don’t have the secure access or training to make referrals in hospital EHRs. In other cases, physicians consider fax machines the easiest, most reliable, and most secure form of communication. 

Now there is a way for hospitals to send those faxed referrals directly into an electronic workflow that becomes part of the permanent patient EHR utilizing the StapleWare® Process Server. Thanks to InterSystems HealthShare informatics platform and the DocuWare enterprise content management system (ECM), referring physicians can submit orders from any source without creating extra work for hospital staff.

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