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Case Studies for JobRouter

JobRouter’s rich functionality and fexibility make it easy to create custom workflow applications and electronic forms that intelligently automate, segment and distribute work for truly optimized processes: 

  1. Automatically trigger workflows based on business rules and conditions.
  2. Automate document creation, archive and indexing from electronic forms.

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AMT JobRouter Case Study

The ability to manage the business process electronically allows for faster approvals, fewer mistakes, and complete visibility into the process. Now AMT has a more efficient way to submit purchase requests and expense reports keeping compliant with laws, regulations and internal standards. They have reclaimed valuable real estate by reducing paper documents and they have streamlined their manufacturing process by ensuring quality control on vital documents before they initiate production.


MTU America JobRouter Case Study

MTU America wanted to replace an existing, paper-based, vendor invoice management process that had insufficient controls and was highly labor-intensive.
In addition to the accounts payable staff, more than 600 employees were involved in supplier invoice approvals. The impact of this cumbersome manual process reached across the organization.  By installing JobRouter they were able to automate the entire business process and expedite the AP approvals, saving hours of paper shuffling.