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JobRouter Business Process Management

Job Router is a Complete Web-based Business Process Management System with a Web-based process designer, forms designer, interface and viewer.  It is a practical Workflow Management System that provides easy development, fast implementation and efficient administration. JobRouter provides rules-based approval processes, document navigation, change requests and it is designed for any size organization.

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JobRouter Business Process Management

JobRouter makes integration into all types of existing IT systems simple. Data may be exchanged with external systems and integration with the DocuWare document management system is already built in as a standard. That makes it easy to control all kinds of document flow through your organization. 
JobRouter Designer allows you to layout the flowcharts of your individual business processes graphically by placing symbols that represent workflow steps and by adding business rules defined by conditions and actions. Every business process can be  uniquely configured and contains one or more workflow steps. Those steps may be configured as user steps (human workflow steps) with individual user interfaces, or as system steps performing automated server-based data processing.

JobRouter Designer

JobRouter Designer allows you to easily layout the map of your business processes graphically by placing symbols that represent process steps and by adding business rules defi ned by easy to understand conditions and actions.  Functions and users are associated to process steps with a simple point and click and even sophisticated electronic forms are created graphically without the need for programming. Simple, easy - but powerful.

JobRouter DocuWare Integration

The JobDW module is an interface to the DocuWare document management system. JobDW has numerous features resulting from the functional interaction of the two systems.  One example is the ability to incorporate the DocuWare FullClient and the DocuWare WebClient into JobRouter so that DocuWare documents and result lists can be referenced directly from a process instance. JobDW also acts as a background service through which DocuWare actions can be performed automatically (such as storing, copying, deleting, or indexing documents).

JobRouter JobEForms

Try the new JobRouter JobEForms module for off-line forms, which allows teams to be productive, even when connections are down. Give your staff the tools they need to execute important tasks quickly by enabling them to work offline and then sync the data they collect with your EMR system when it is back online.

JobEForms for Off-Line Forms

JobRouter AP Automation

JobRouter provides the power to quickly and easily automate accounts payable workflows — for cost savings and faster processing for early payment discounts.

Capture from fax, scanner, network folder, email and multi-function devices
Data extraction including vendor name, purchase order number, invoice date, invoice #
Rules based workflow for routing invoices based on pre-set rules

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