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StapleWare® Modules for DocuWare

DocuWare is a great tool for managing your documents. We created these StapleWare® Modules to increase DocuWare functionality and to directly fulfill the needs of our customers. Due to their popularity, we have made our modules available for download so anyone can expand the functionality of their DocuWare system.  Each module includes a 30 day trial license.

Review the Case Studies for StapleWare

Say Goodbye to Manual Stapling
Automatically staple or clip relevant documents together in your DocuWare file cabinet with Stapler.  

Automate Your Organization
Set up Stapler to group together documents in a way that fits your needs. For example: combine an invoice and receipt for the same order or group all documents related to a project, client or patient.

Customize Your Stapler
Once configured, Stapler can be scheduled to run at any frequency or time of day, and different preferences can be set up for separate users, file cabinets or departments. 

Download the Stapler Brochure

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Download Stapler

Download Stapler Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Track Missing Documents
Discover and track missing documents in your DocuWare file cabinet with the Deficiency Manager module.

Stop Searching Your File Cabinet
Create a list of required documents and let Deficiency Manager crosscheck your file cabinet for missing documents. Prevent processes from moving forward until all required documents have been fulfilled. Example applications: employee onboarding, student enrollment or loan applications.

Dynamic Checklists & Exporting
Set up separate document lists to correspond to individual departments, locations or employees, and create and export lists of missing documents to ensure all mandatory documents get fulfilled despite different requirements between departments. 

Download the Deficiency Manager Brochure

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Download Deficiency Manager

Download Deficiency Manager Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes DocuWare licenses.

Send Documents for Review
Email documents, links to documents or missing document alerts from your DocuWare file cabinet to anyone inside or outside of your organization with Notification Management. 

Set Up Time-Sensitive Alerts
Enhance efficiency when you configure Notification Management to email contracts or invoices for review before they are due, and stay up to date with automatic email alerts for invoices or orders coming into your DocuWare file cabinet. 

Customize Your Email & Scheduling
Build automated emails how you want them: with or without attached documents, links to documents or file cabinets, organizational messaging or personal greetings. Also, set notifications to be sent immediately or on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule based on each particular project, employee or other criteria. 

Take Control of Document Export
Export documents from your DocuWare file cabinet to another file cabinet or file storage system and track their movements with Process Server.

Migrate Documents With Index Data
Easily convert documents to PDF and move to another file system with all DocuWare index data attached as a corresponding XML data file, which is particularly useful for hospitals transferring electronic medical records to an EMR storage system.

Schedule & Track Exported Documents
Set up Process Server to export documents on a schedule and automatically update document status in DocuWare so you can keep track of where and when documents export. Process Server also merges stamps and annotations to documents so they also appear on exported documents. 

Download the Process Server Brochure



Download Process Server

Download Process Server Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Migrate Network Files & Emails to DocuWare
Import folders, files, emails and attachments directly into DocuWare with the Remote Capture module from StapleWare.

Import & Retain Company File Structure
Whether importing from Windows, Outlook, Dropbox or a network drive, Remote Capture maps the filename, folder name, e-mail subject and attachment filename to fields in the DocuWare file cabinet so you can continue using your current email or document filing system. 

Schedule Automatic File Import
Configure Remote Capture to automatically save files & emails to DocuWare at the end of every workday as well as flag your emails as imported so you know without a doubt your emails and attachments are archived and accessible in DocuWare.

Link Any Software to DocuWare
Select text in any software application, press hot key and the Web Client Integration Tool will open all related documents in the DocuWare Web Client.

Configure One Hot Key for All Applications
Press configured hot key combination in any software application and the Web Client Integration Tool will use selected text to search your DocuWare file cabinet for all documents related to a specific client, company, employee or whatever search term you have selected.

Utilize Text or OCR Capture
Scroll over text or use crosshairs to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in PDFs or other file types without the need for screen mapping or a lengthy set up process. Set up multiple hot key configurations to correspond to specific DocuWare fields or file cabinets.

Enhance Document Security
Automatically transfer documents from your DocuWare document tray to a permanent location with the Document Tray Import module from StapleWare.

Route to File Cabinet or Windows Folder
Migrate scanned or imported documents from your DocuWare document tray to either a DocuWare file cabinet or Windows folder, where document movements can be tracked, permissions can be configured and accidentally deleted items can be recovered. Deleted document tray items cannot be recovered.

Auto-Import with Intelligent Indexing
Get more out of Intelligent Indexing when the Document Tray Import module automatically moves your 'Intelligently Indexed' documents into a specified file cabinet based on indexed data. Run module on a schedule and set Intelligent Indexing confidence level, so, for example, all level Green and Yellow documents are routed into a specified DocuWare file cabinet. 

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Download Document Tray Import Service

Download Document Tray Import Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Download the Document Tray Import Brochure

Connect DocuWare & MS Dynamics Great Plains
Search or store documents in your DocuWare system directly from the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains application with this popular StapleWare module.

File Documents With All Index Data
Store documents to DocuWare directly from Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains while capturing critical index information. Without opening DocuWare, users press shortcut keys or integration buttons in Great Plains and documents are automatically filed using field values from Great Plains.

Search DocuWare from MS Dynamics Great Plains
Quickly retrieve documents from your DocuWare file cabinet from ANY Great Plains window with a pre-configured keyboard shortcut. Create unlimited number of search or store integrations to fit your company’s workflow and document filing system.

Click to download the MS Dynamics GP Brochure

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Download Connect to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Module

Download Connect to Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Integration Into Line of Business 
DocuLink can provide hyperlinks to individual documents to streamline workflows and increase productivity. 

Boosting Productivity 
With Doculink, you can easily link documents together by any number of fields. 

Dynamic Hyperlinks 
Once a hyperlink is created, it is future-proof. As new documents are added to DocuWare, they are included in the hyperlink result list. 

Download the DocuLink Brochure

Click to watch the DocuLink video

Download DocuLink

Download DocuLink Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Check for Duplicates in DocuWare
Prevent duplicate documents from making their way into your DocuWare file cabinet during import or while making index field changes.

Customize Your Duplicate Prevention
Select which field or fields you want to check for duplicate values. For accounts payable, users can select Invoice Number and Vendor Name to prevent duplicate invoices and clear up any accounting issues before they begin. 

Create Custom Error Messages
For every Double Check job, you can create a specific message that pops up in DocuWare to instruct users how to proceed with duplicate errors.

Download Double Check

Download Double Check Quick Start Guide

NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Click to watch the Double Check video

Download the Double Check Brochure

DocuWare is a proven enterprise content management system. Paired with the StapleWare Classification module, document classification can be automated, after the documents are stored into a file cabinet. The Classification Manager identifies document phrases within each document and based on a phrase match, a document type will be assigned.

                Download the Classification Help Text

                Download the Classification Installer

                NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.

Download the Classification Brochure


StapleWare Audit

DocuWare is a proven enterprise content management system. Paired with the StapleWare® Audit module, it makes reporting user access in DocuWare easy and accurate.

StapleWare Audit creates a report of user access to DocuWare resources. File Cabinet Profiles, Dialogs, Roles, Groups, and Stamps are a few of the resources included in the report. The reports are an efficient way to accurately inform auditors of user rights and roles within the DocuWare system.

         Download the StapleWare Audit Help Text

         Download the StapleWare Audit Installer

         NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.


DocuWare is a proven enterprise content management system. Paired with the StapleWare® Release of Information Manager module, it makes encapsulating and encrypting medical records safe and easy. 

The Release of Information module will allow a Medical Records staff member to access the records, verify the patient name and medical record number and verify that the person that is requesting the records has the authority to request the records. 

         Download the ROI Help Text

         Download the ROI Installer

         NOTE: This program consumes a DocuWare license.