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DocuScripts Medication Order Management

DocuScripts is an automated medication order management solution for hospitals. It integrates with any scanning device or CPOE system to easily send medication orders with priority directly to the pharmacy with a touch of a button.

Pharmacists and caregivers have instant access to medication orders.  Pharmacists can process orders more efficiently based on their priority, time, and location.  Caregivers can track the progress of their orders in real time, which reduces phone calls to the pharmacy.  Back and forth communication tools allow both pharmacist and caregiver to clarify, consult, and correct medication questions and errors.

After completion, each order is electronically archived for easy searching later.  DocuScripts employs the most current technologies for complete security, and new pharmacies and nursing locations are easily added to the system. 

DocuScripts helps hospitals drive down the cost of health care and improve patient care because orders are handled more efficiently with fewer errors

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DocuScripts Pharmacy Order Management

DocuScripts® is an automated medication ordering, processing and fulfillment solution for hospitals. The software utilizes scanning devices, MFP’s or fax servers that allow caregivers to conveniently send medication orders, with proper priority, directly to the pharmacy or 24-hour pharmacy service. DocuScripts® dashboards provide the pharmacists instant access to pharmacy orders and allows the caregivers to track the order progress until the medications are dispensed. This technology has created a more professional environment in the Pharmacy by reducing the number of phone calls and reducing the time for dispensing medications.