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Professional Associations

J&H, Inc.  is a proud member of many professional associations in Montana.  Professional associations promote, develop and monitor professional educational programs, and are responsible for overseeing the legislation favorable to its members. Many associations provide professional certifications to indicate that a person possesses qualifications in a  subject area. 

The MTADA leadership promote the benefits of the retail auto business and the fact that America’s dealerships are local, diverse and modern, and that they create jobs. We know that the majority of us are small businesses, but together we are an economic powerhouse, with more than 18,000 stores across the nation. Our local businesses are planted firmly in our communities, so we provide career opportunities on Main Street, and contribute mightily to our local tax bases.

MTADA Website

Montana Retail Association

The Montana Retail Association (MRA) is a vibrant, professional trade group dedicated to being the voice of retailers in the Montana Legislature, and through our affiliated national associations, in Washington, DC.  Since 1964 the MRA has played an important role to retailers by providing a full-time registered lobbyist who advocates for you by giving expert testimony and lobbying the legislature on issues that are important to the retail industry.
The Association Office represents four Montana industry groups:

Montana Retail Association
Montana Restaurant Association 
Montana Tire Dealers Association
Montana Equipment Dealers Association

Montana Retail Association Website