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Partnering with talented service organizations has helped J&H, Inc. expand our service offerings and provide our clients with world-class services and technical support that we do not provide as part of our basic service offering.  These services include hosting services, business process management services, network administration services, HITECH and HITRUST certification, data extraction services, benefit management services and data integration services.  These services are critical in todays business environment.  By partnering we can bring expert advice and service to each implementation, providing stable and efficient business solutions for our customers.

Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co

You want a business advisor who can assist you in protecting your resources and help you benefit from opportunities that come your way, someone you can relate to and trust. We’re looking for clients who value personal attention and solid advice. We’ve been providing tax, audit, accounting, and advisory services to individuals and organizations in the Northwest for more than half a century. Our attention to your needs will enable you to respond confidently to changing personal circumstances or business environments, as well as the dynamics of a global economy.

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NeonHCM excels at Workforce Management by blending thoughtful technology with a warm human connection, fulfilling the needs of clients, their employees, and partners across North America.  NeonHCM’s operations and sales chiefs have 15+ years of industry experience with expertise in Payroll, Human Resource, Timekeeping, and ACA outsourcing.  Our veteran operations teams sustain industry-leading client retention performance and unparalleled service response, achieving respect in and out of the industry.  In fact, we frequently outsource our own implementation services to our competitors during their peak times. 
Our systems are built around a single employee record, not the illusion of a single employee record. Further, we do not have call-centers, domestic or international.  We have deliberately chosen not to overload our employees with hundreds of service accounts which.  This allows NeonHCM to maintain the preferred single-point-of-contact client service model. 

Sability HCM

Sability was established with one purpose in mind – to provide the Human Capital Management community with unbiased expertise in the selection, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of their Human Capital Management processes and systems.
Sability has successfully assisted some of the largest companies in the US and Canada through multiple HCM evolutions or disruptive revolutions: from mainframes to client server, from client server to the web, and now from web based systems to the cloud.
Cloud opportunities are increasing the speed of software innovation and adoption by the user community. Sability has assisted hundreds of customers in transition to the cloud. Our carefully chosen list of software partners are unsurpassed in their vision and realization of HCM cloud based technology.

InterSystems Integration and Interoperability

InterSystems Ensemble® comes with everything you need to capture, share, understand, and act upon your organization’s most valuable asset – your data. There is no need to spend time and money assembling and “bolting together” multiple tools to gain all the capabilities you want in an integration environment. Ensemble has it all.
Every element of your integrated solution is stored as an object in Ensemble’s high-performance, multi-model data repository. By providing a consistent, unified view of the underlying systems, applications, and services in a solution, Ensemble greatly reduces the complexity typically associated with integration projects. Solutions are quicker to develop, and easier to manage. An open environment for connection, development and orchestration, and for building mobile and/or Web-based user interfaces enables rapid creation of connected applications.

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Parsec Hosting Services

Parsec Data Management is a full service Tier 3 qualified commercial data center (Transtech Data Center) located in the Transtech Center business park in Billings, Montana. Parsec provides a wide range of data management services to Small and Medium size Businesses including Co-Location, Managed Services, Managed PCI Hosting, and Disaster Recovery. Parsec Data Management is a member of the Diamond B Companies, Inc. family of companies.

Managed PCI Hosting services include: Firewall Management, Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems, Internal and external vulnerability scanning, Server OS and Hardware Management, Anti-virus, Patch Management, Central Logging, File Integrity Monitoring, SSL Certificates, and Access Controls.

Pine Cove Consulting Services

We believe access to first-rate technology resources is critical to the success and growth of every organization.  Pine Cove is best at solving problems for their customers.  There is no better example than the loyalty of Pine Cove’s customers, when it comes to understanding Pine Cove’s reputation for doing the right thing

Guard-It Escrow Services

Founded in 1999, Austin-based Guard-IT is a privately held Texas corporation that provides software escrow services to technology developers, their licensees and legal counsel in the U.S. and abroad. Guard-IT's client base spans more than 36 countries and ranges from small software developers to Fortune 100 companies and from small municipalities to large federal agencies in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Guard-IT's executive team brings together more than 60 years of combined experience in software escrow services, IT systems and e-commerce development, intellectual property matters and corporate contract law. This unique combination of disciplines provides depth and insight to meet your most specific software escrow or intellectual property escrow needs, and is key to helping customize the best possible escrow agreement for your situation.

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