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Missoula Children's Museum

Families First Children’s Museum empowers families with parent education and learning through play.

Organizational History
Families First (now operating as Families First Children’s Museum) was established in April 1994. The initial focus of the organization was Parenting Programs, which provide parenting information and support to anyone raising children in Western Montana. The operating principles were derived from Families First-Boston, but it remains unique and independent.

Families First broadened its focus in 2002 and opened Children’s Museum Missoula. The museum offers fun, interactive and educational exhibits and programs that promote learning through play. In keeping with the mission of Families First, it provides an environment which fosters positive parenting through interaction, exploration and play.

Youth Homes Montana

From our humble beginnings of in 1971, we’ve grown to a five million dollar organization that serves 150 kids and families each day. We operate nine group homes in three Western Montana communities and have a strong foster care and adoption program and a wilderness treatment program. We are expanding our services to offer the same support for bio-families that we have provided to substitute families all along. We do this work because we believe we share in the responsibility of raising children, and it is our integrated efforts that provide the chance for success many times over.