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Bozeman Community


Thrive provides local Gallatin Valley families with the resources, tools, and support they need to raise healthy, successful children. We provide mentoring, education, and support to children and families through signature programs designed right here in our community. 

Our Mission is For all children to have the opportunity to grow, succeed and become valuable members of our community.
Thrive is proud to serve families of all ages and backgrounds. We provide programs for everyone from teen mothers to parents of high schoolers, as well as programs and activities for children ages birth to teen

United Way

Our work includes funding partner programs that include Family Promise of Gallatin County Interfaith Hospitality Program, HRDC Housing First Program, Warming Center, and Youth Transitional Housing. We actively participate in Greater Gallatin Homeless Action Coalition (GGHAC), CAHAB, Future West, Project Homeless Connect.  We advocacate for ending homelessness and affordable housing options to City/County Commission and a variety of community outreach efforts.  

Our work includes funding Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Headwaters Area Food Bank, Big Sky Food Bank, Livingston, Food Resource Center, Community Cafe, Belgrade Senior Center, Bozeman Senior Center Nutrition Program, including congregate, frozen and Meals-On-Wheels Program.  Our kidsLINK Afterschool Program provides healthy snacks daily, as well as nutrition education to children attending across 29 locations across 4 counties.

Community Mediation Center

Mediation is way for people to resolve their own disputes without going to court.  In mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator) meets with all parties and helps the parties come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Mediators are not judges.  Unlike a judge, the mediator’s job is not to make decisions.  The mediator’s role is help the parties communicate, identify their interests and goals, and to brainstorm options to come to a mutually agreed upon settlement.

The Community Mediation Center (CMC) uses a type of mediation called facilitative mediation.  Facilitative mediation focuses on meeting the interests of each party to create a sustainable agreement.  

Adventure Scientists

How do you feel after hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, trekking 7,800 miles across the Andes Mountains, and being named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year? Like you really ought to be doing more. At least that’s how Gregg Treinish felt, and he suspected hundreds of thousands of other adventurers might have the same itch to make more of a difference as they explored. “While being able to live my double passion for the outdoors and biology was fulfilling, I also felt a desire and obligation to have an even greater impact on the world and give back to the places I’m lucky enough to explore. I launched our international nonprofit Adventure Scientists to empower others to do the same.”

The organization solves a critical need for scientists and researchers who are desperate for crucial data and samples yet unable to collect them from the world’s hard-to-reach corners. Outdoor enthusiasts traveling to those remote realms provide much-needed legwork and come away not only with another adventure but the knowledge that they helped advance conservation. In 2016 they contributed more than 28,000 days in the field collecting data for projects.

(As Reported in the National Geographic)

Emerson Cultural Center

While all artistic endeavors rely upon the creative process, so too did the evolution of the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture. Thanks to a visionary coalition of community members, the Emerson School was purchased from the Bozeman Public School District in 1992. In May 1993, the Emerson opened its doors to the public.
With community support, the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture renovated a historic building; filled it with working artists and musicians; created a popular theater as well as exhibition, retail and rental space; educated thousands of children and adults; and welcomed the community time and again through its doors to gather and share and revel in the arts and culture.