Parsec Data Management

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Parsec Hosting Services:

Parsec Data can provide a full or partially managed hosted compute and storage environment with top-tier infrastructure with no capital expenditure so you can concentrate on growing your business. 


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Parsec Co-Location Services:

Parsec's Montana-based Colocation space is designed to be a top-tier SAFE and SECURE facility providing customers with no less than N+ 1 connectivity, power, environmental, and security controls. If your business requires maintaining control of your IT hardware, Parsec Data can offer you public, private or hybrid rack configurations in addition to the bandwidth, power, security and support for your business needs. 


Parsec Cloud Services:

These solutions offer IT executives the opportunity to get out of the data center and infrastructure ownership business and consume these products as a service. Businesses can instantly realize the switch from a capital expense to an operational expense while having an unlimited growth path so you can concentrate on growing your business. 

Parsec Data's Cloud Solutions are reliable, scalable and architected for both high-availability (HA) and standard availability based on your business' needs and budget. Our top-tier cloud infrastructure is backed by up to a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our blend of top internet carriers and network connectivity to numerous other datacenters or your brick and mortar allow for nationwide and international highly-available, low-latency, and high-throughput data transfer.